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aerial photo of pile of enclose trailer

Dealing with the complexities of global sourcing?

See how Globalkemya can simplify your path.

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brown wooden handle brush on brown wooden table
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a close up of a computer motherboard in the dark
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Discover Our Expertise

From sourcing elusive products to doorstep delivery, Globalkemya streamlines the process, solving your procurement challenges effortlessly.

  • Electric Motors

  • Electric Actuators

  • Transformers

  • Switchgears

  • Electrical Spares

  • Epoxy Resins for Insulation

  • Epoxy Protective Coating

  • Casting and potting Epoxy

  • Epoxy Adhesives

  • Epoxy Flooring

  • Automation Components

  • PLC & Control Systems

  • Sensors & Detection

  • Instruments & Gauges

  • MRO Products

  • Fasteners & Fixations

  • Metal Fittings & Fabrications

  • Valves and Actuators

  • Pipes and Pipe fittings

  • Flow control Systems

How We Make a Difference

At Globalkemya, we prioritize your convenience, making us the ideal choice for your industrial needs. Our dedicated team is committed to understanding and processing new requests, ensuring that your unique requirements are met with precision. This personalized approach allows for a seamless collaboration, guaranteeing that your projects receive the attention and expertise they deserve.

Rapid Response Time

Rapid Response Time : One of our key strengths is our fast response time. We understand the importance of timely solutions in the dynamic industrial landscape. Our commitment is reflected in our response time, ideally within 24 hours. This ensures that you receive the information and support you need promptly, allowing you to make informed decisions and keep your projects on track.

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brown and green textile on brown wooden table
Tailored Excellence

Tailored Excellence: Beyond convenience and speed, Globalkemya stands out for its commitment to tailored excellence. We go beyond standard solutions, actively engaging with our clients to understand their unique needs. This personalized approach allows us to craft solutions that not only meet but exceed expectations. Choose Globalkemya for a partnership that prioritizes your convenience, offers swift responses, and delivers tailored excellence for your industrial success

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Customer Reviews

Professional and knowledgeable team, Quick responses, committed delivery and reliable products.
We are extremely pleased with the overall performance of your business in terms of material and quality, and we are looking forward to doing a business with you for our future requirements

Customer Reviews

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Our Success Stories

Project Name: Epoxy Resin Advancement for Cathodic Protection

Facing supply chain issues with their French supplier, a cathodic protection leader turned to us for an alternative. Our R&D developed GK FIL160 and EFIL 60, custom-formulated epoxy resins that surpassed other market options and met stringent ARAMCO CP standards, vital for anode casting performance in extreme conditions

Solution: GK FIL160 and EFIL 60, chemically engineered for enhanced stability, resistance, and thermal endurance, provide the necessary robustness for the industry’s rigorous applications

Results: The client quickly approved our trial resin for exceeding ARAMCO CP standards, highlighting our commitment to delivering tailored and effective industry solutions. Our product continues to provide formidable corrosion defense for their essential infrastructure.

Project Name: Improving Insulation Anchoring: The PG-140 Etics Fastening Breakthrough

Confronted with failing external insulation fixings, our client was facing energy loss and safety risks in their buildings. In response, our engineers exhaustively examined the issue and reconceived an anchoring system that met the client's exact needs.

Solution: Introducing the PG-140 Etics Fastening System: a superior mix of innovative design and new materials that excels in stability and installation ease, significantly reducing failures.

Results: Our solution not only provided robust support and simplified the installation but also cut costs by diminishing the frequency of replacements, showcasing advanced technology's alignment with cost savings.