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Our Strength -

Provide Industrial Solutions


Explore precision in every application with our specialty chemicals. From epoxy and PU resins to advanced formulations, we redefine excellence in electrical insulation and construction solutions. Elevate your projects with quality coatings, casting, protection, and adhesives.

Heavy Electrical


Power your industry with our electrical solutions. Discover top-notch motors, gearboxes, and protection devices. We provide reliable components to keep your operations running seamlessly. Trust Globalkemya for excellence in electrical product supply.


Electronic & Automation

Step into the future of automation with Globalkemya. Our electronic and automation offerings include transmitters, fire protection systems, and various automation elements for industries. Embrace efficiency and innovation with our cutting-edge solutions



Strength and reliability define our mechanical product range. From valves and actuators to plates, pipes, fittings, and fasteners, Globalkemya ensures that your mechanical needs are met with precision. Trust us for quality fixations that stand the test of time.



Discover Globalkemya, a powerhouse registered in India under the LLP Act 2008, recognized by the Government of India for innovation. As proud members of the Federation of Indian Exporters Organization, we uphold the highest standards. With ISO 9001:2015 certification and IAF accreditation, our commitment to quality is non-negotiable.

Globalkemya stands as an approved vendor for key government accounts in the Middle East, earning trust from industry giants like SABIC, KOC, KNPC, and QATAR ENERGY. Our global reach is a testament to our credibility and authenticity. Join us in setting new benchmarks for excellence and reliability.


At Globalkemya, we redefine the industrial experience through an exclusive approach that goes beyond conventional product offerings. Serving as exclusive partners for Engineering SMEs, we facilitate the export of their specialized goods, ensuring you access unique and tailored solutions for your projects.


Our collaboration extends to reputed OEMs, where we not only supply their cutting-edge systems but actively engage in the installation process, guaranteeing seamless integration and optimal performance. Moreover, we take pride in actively involving ourselves with end-users, crafting tailored solutions that precisely meet their unique product requirements. Our commitment to this distinctive approach sets us apart, ensuring that your industrial journey with Globalkemya is characterized by unmatched collaboration, reliability, and tailored excellence.


 Why Global Kemya? 

Business Presentation

At Globalkemya, we prioritize your convenience, making us the ideal choice for your industrial needs. Our dedicated team is committed to understanding and processing new requests, ensuring that your unique requirements are met with precision. This personalized approach allows for a seamless collaboration, guaranteeing that your projects receive the attention and expertise they deserve.

Rapid Response Time : One of our key strengths is our fast response time. We understand the importance of timely solutions in the dynamic industrial landscape. Our commitment is reflected in our response time, ideally within 24 hours. This ensures that you receive the information and support you need promptly, allowing you to make informed decisions and keep your projects on track.


Tailored Excellence: Beyond convenience and speed, Globalkemya stands out for its commitment to tailored excellence. We go beyond standard solutions, actively engaging with our clients to understand their unique needs. This personalized approach allows us to craft solutions that not only meet but exceed expectations. Choose Globalkemya for a partnership that prioritizes your convenience, offers swift responses, and delivers tailored excellence for your industrial success.

Vision, Mission at Global Kemya 

Vision Statement: "At Globalkemya, we envision pioneering excellence and innovation in the global industrial landscape. Our vision is to be recognized as a leading force, setting industry benchmarks through our commitment to precision, sustainability, and collaborative solutions. We aspire to continuously expand our product portfolio, redefine industry standards, and contribute to the success of our clients and partners on a global scale."

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