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Easy and Simple Trading Tools



An Initiative to Support End Users to Procure Raw Materials at Best Price

Global Kemya is mainly export and import oriented company based in India. We create value addition to the local industry with our supply chain and distribution structure, client support and our team of dedicated experts. We believe our success is driven by our customer’s success. We work hard to develop a deep understanding of our customers’ commercial ambitions so that we can deliver the right product at the right time. Our technical expertise combined with our ability to adapt to our customers’ business needs allows us to tailor material solutions that maximize our customers’ market advantage over the long term. Our existing industrial products and services are extensively wide. We are knowledgeable about the industries in which our customers compete and we are constantly seeking new ways and materials to maximize our customers’ market success. 


From Vision to Value , long-term relationships are built on strong chemistry. And our desire to collaborate sets GLOBAL KEMYA apart in our industry.

We form relationships built on the curiosity and empathy needed to understand customer challenges, both big and small.

We recognize what is important, delivering answers that are tailored and cost-efficient.


To create the most compelling chemical company of the 21st Century by delivering the world’s attention to an online chemical trading business by supplying the finest quality of chemicals material at the customer warehouse. 


To help Individual and Business in sourcing out their chemicals requirement and the utmost convenience.


Global Kemya is always loyal in business.

We believe in business dealings with

Accountability – Integrity – Boldness – Reliability – Teamwork – Simplicity


We will use our natural resources and human talent to their best advantage by innovating, educating and using the latest technology. This care for people and natural resources is reflective of our standards. GLOBAL KEMYA prides itself on its integrity, and we set ourselves the highest standards in relation to business practices, safety and the care of the environment. We will not compromise these standards.

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