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Fastening Systems for 

ETICS Facades

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We offer Insulation Material Something to hold on to

Global Kemya is one of the best manufacturers of fasteners and screw manufacturers in India. A company that has established itself as a leading manufacturer in the field of fastening technology across the world. We offers you high-quality anchors, assembly elements, tools as well as accessories for your ETICS system.

The key characteristics can be described as innovative designs, technical excellence, materials of the highest standards, and attention to detail.

ETICS system solutions consist of offerings;

ETICS anchors

ETICS assembly elements

ETICS tools and accessories 

Apart from washer anchors, the brand has a range of anchors for ETICS. These are:


  • Ceiling insulation fasteners: These are, as the name suggests, ceiling insulation fastening solutions. GK ceiling insulation fasteners provide a suitable and reliable solution for a wide range of insulating materials and insulation surfaces.


  • Brick slip anchors: For prefabricated External Thermal Insulation Composite Systems, GK brick slip system anchors are used. Another design option for ETIC systems is ceramic cladding. Because of the fragility of prefabricated brick slip ETIC systems, they should be installed with GK brick slip system anchors.


  • Rail anchors: For use in rail systems. Rail systems are excellent for mounting ETICS if wider facade tolerances must be addressed. The installation must be swift and secure. You can rest easy with the GK rail anchors. The screw and nail anchor product line is distinguished by its adaptability, best load-carrying capacity, and approval for all types of construction materials.


  • Special fasteners: For securing ETICS to difficult substrates. External Thermal Insulation Composite Systems with troublesome substrates can also be fastened with proprietary fasteners. These anchors can be used in conjunction with other products, such as our brick slip system anchor, and we are in process of European Technical Approval (ETA).

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